Live Classes led by Facilitators

Volunteer facilitators lead a wide range of programming for VSC participants. There are between 25-35 classes available for participants each week on topics ranging from arthritis to beginning conversations in Spanish to current events to history of the Middle East to Objects of Design at MOMA to Twentieth Century Photograph by the New School’s Institute for Retired Professionals to enhanced well-being.  See a sample of some of the most enjoyed classes.

Volunteers are individuals recruited with a passion in a particular subject area or they are from community-based organizations, such as the Guggenheim, with a mission educate the public. Facilitators come from all backgrounds and locations.  Some are retired others are still working.  Some are here in New York.  One is as far away as Israel.  It’s virtual so you can be anywhere to lead a class.

We encourage you to consider sharing your passion with our VSC participants who are socially isolated and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you and their peers about your topic. 

Watch videos of facilitators who talk about why they give of their time to impact the lives of our participants.  

They are intellectually alive. Many of my most stimulating conversations are when I’m online in the class.”
— Joe M.
I have found a meaningful outlet to share a small portion of my time with the willing participants who add so much to our lives in their enthusiasm to have fun while keeping fit.”
— Carmen E.
It is very touching to see how people who are homebound make connections with one another. is powerfully meaningful.”
— Susan W.