For those who have lost friends or have family far away, life can become isolating and lonely.  The VSC makes it easy to connect with other older adults. 

It’s a community for older adults to securely talk with other seniors, make friends, and build relationships.  Participants learn to use Skype and email as well as talk with peers in virtual classes. 


Participants can join live, interactive classes.  The classes are video-based so they can see, hear and talk with other older adults.

There are educational, recreational and cultural classes; between 25 and 35 per week.  Topics range from arthritis to computer skills to gentle exercise to history to enhanced well-being.

See a sample of our diverse class offerings.  


The classes are discussion orientated and fun. There are curated Internet links to explore and games to play.

We’ve also created “social games.”  Our first allows participants to play a virtual game of Rummy, while they can see, hear and talk with the other players.