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Facilitator Description

Facilitate online classes for homebound seniors on a topic of your interest via your computer.   This volunteer opportunity is interesting, fun, client-interactive and convenient!

Key Responsibilities

Lead class discussions or activity on a specific topic of your choice.  Research and/or compile sufficient information on your topic that will enable you to lead one-hour classes.  Manage group dynamics as if in a classroom setting. Provide Coordinator with feedback as appropriate. 

Program Description

Using our simple video-chat technology, homebound seniors participate in online programs facilitated by volunteers in a wide-ranging array of topics.  In each class all participants can see, hear and speak to each other and the Facilitator in real time. Volunteers lead recurring classes from their home or office computer with a range of flexible scheduling options during the day, evening or weekend.  Facilitating one hour, interactive classes on diverse topics enables you and the homebound seniors to have meaningful interactions. Facilitators need a computer with high speed internet and a webcam. You will be supplied with a simple login and username/password.

To find out more please fill out the “interest form” (on the right) and we will get back to you to discuss the program and your interests to see if there is a good fit.

YOUR contribution would mean the world to our homebound seniors!


Facilitator must be at least 18 years of age, possess interest and sensitivity in working with older adults, able to facilitate an online group class, possess basic computer skills and have reliable access to a computer with high speed internet and a webcam.

Time Commitments

Classes are held weekday (10am-5pm), evening (6pm-8pm) or weekends (10am-8pm) on the hour.  We require that you can volunteer on a flexible recurring schedule either weekly, alternate weeks, monthly or on a short-term basis.  

Training & Requirements

Initial phone interview followed by online meeting. Submit volunteer application and sign confidentiality form. View one or two classes as a guest. Review material related to VSC program (Tips, Do’s & Don’ts).  Present first class with Coordinator in attendance & follow-up with review.

Sample class topics

Art or Music appreciation, History, Health, the Sciences, seated Exercise, storytelling, Literature review, Travel, Computer Training, utilizing your interest in hobbies like cooking, birding, and much more!